Currie library

Currie Library is near to Heriot-Watt University where I work.
I quickly dashed up there the other day in my lunch hour to take back some audio book CDs that I had borrowed in order to avoid fines.
It looked very good but I didn’t have time to browse or look round so I’ll go back in the next few weeks to investigate further


McDonald Road library – Edinburgh

I visited McDonald Road library in Edinburgh accidentally while shopping with a friend along Leith Walk.  An typical old Edinburgh building and impressive on the inside too.  The staff were very welcoming and helpful – they were conducting a survey about the use of public services which I filled in and emphasised the importance of public libraries.  it is difficult in these times of cutbacks but in a relatively well off nation, it should be a priority along with health and education.

The building is beautiful with some appealing features especially the ceiling and windows.

There is a good selection of books, fiction and non fiction in easily discoverable categories and locations.  There was a lot of useful community information and places to sit to read.


ELISA visit to SPICe

Edinburgh Library and Information Services Agency

A successful visit to the Scottish Parliament Information Centre took place on Monday 14th November.  The visit started with a tour of the Parliament building including the Debating Chamber.  SPICe staff, Simon and Edna, explained about the different parts of the building and functions and facilities that exist.  In the Debating Chamber we had a look at where different MSPs and officials, special advisers and the public sit and learned about how voting takes place and how it is tracked.  Also how the sessions are recorded and documented with substantive notes.
SPICe provide information for committees to make changes and recommendations.  They provide specialist skills and bring in other external experts and gather information in different places in order to inform and provide knowledge for research committees.

Then there were two presentations which were very interesting and informative.
Kathryn explained about the Collection Management and Development.  The collection consists of…

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